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R o m a n c e   i n   K i n d l e   U n l i m i t e d

Are you a romance junkie? I now have four romance novels in Kindle Unlimited! Read free today!

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Tegan used to be fun-loving and carefree, but now she’s on a self-inflicted downward spiral of booze and boys. Her life is torn apart by tragedy, and now there are two men wanting to put it back together. 

Kai was only supposed to be a bit of physical fun, but their friends-with-benefits arrangement is developing into something else. Lucas wants a future with her, but is their relationship too complicated to ever work?

To save her life, she needs to be honest with herself. 

To stop someone getting hurt, she needs to let one of them go.


Texas finds herself about to embark on a tour with the object of her many fantasies. Kitt is lead singer of the hottest up-and-coming band, Filthy Sound. She’s been obsessed with him since her rock God dad began mentoring them.

Texas and Kitt are about to spend a lot of time cramped in a tour bus, and he’s finding her impossibly tempting. But he knows he’s risking the tour’s success if he breaks her daddy’s strict rule about not touching his daughter.

She’s off-limits. He can’t help himself.


It was hate at first sight.

At nineteen, Savannah Dean escaped her family, leaving behind a note and the people who caused her so much pain. 

At nineteen, Kent Lawson’s girlfriend betrayed him, leaving him behind with a broken heart and a whole lot of mistrust in women. 

When Savannah and Kent meet, they can’t stand each other. Kent knows she’s hiding something, and he despises liars. And Savannah has nothing but secrets.


One fatal mistake changes Tilly’s and Lincoln’s lives forever, and things will never be the way they used to be. 

After the tragedy, Lincoln and his family flee the hometown they are no longer welcome in. 

Four years later, still grieving the death of her brother, Tilly’s world is rocked again when Lincoln returns. 

Distance and too much bad history haven’t stopped Lincoln from loving Tilly. He wants to beg for her forgiveness, but to avoid hurting her more, he tries to keep his distance from her … until he sees her fighting her feelings for him, and then nothing can keep him away.

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